Information You Need Before Volunteering in an Orphanage

Working with children is the first thing that clicks in the mind of some people whenever they think about volunteering abroad. It gives most volunteers inner joy whenever they bring light and hope in the lives of children who had lost it completely. According to those who have attended Involvement Volunteers International interviews before, it’s not all washing and cooking in orphanages. Actually, most children in the orphanages expect volunteers to bring them some food and clothes among other basic necessities. So don’t think that working in orphanages would always be fun. True service and undying sacrifice could be what you need to survive throughout the period you volunteer. If you want to volunteer responsibly in an orphanage, it’s good to be informed about:

Photo posting agreement

Some people, through their self-ambitions, have tainted the good work volunteers do. They just go to an orphanage, take photos, post them and use them to seek finances to support those children–something they don’t do. Though you may not find the photo-posting agreement from the Involvement Volunteers International officials or coordinators, it’s not good to assume that such an agreement doesn’t exist. For this reason, some orphanages restrict volunteers from taking photos of the children they find there. So if you have a specific orphanage in mind as you plan for a volunteer program, its good find out if there is such an agreement you are expected to sign.

Expected qualifications

Some people think that only academic qualifications are important when applying for a volunteer program. It’s true that academic qualifications are important when volunteering in a specific line of your career. However, some organizations won’t be more concerned about your academic papers are, as long as you are passionate about helping others and meet the age requirement. Others may require a “good conduct” certificate especially from those applying for refugee camp volunteering.

Minimum time commitment

In most volunteer programs, you can offer as much time as you can afford. However, this may not happen or apply in other volunteer places. Get to know whether there are restrictions concerning the kind of commitment you should show based on time. It’s probable to find time restriction in places such as in hospitals or refugee camps. There could be specific hours when you would have to be delivering services. Knowing this would help know and weigh the adjustments you would have to make to be a suitable and reliable orphanage volunteer.

Other volunteers’ experiences

With thorough search, it’s possible to come across some of the volunteers who have been in that orphanage before you. You could be connected to such people through relatives or friends, or you could also meet them online. If you don’t manage to meet them physically, you could read some of the reviews they posted after their volunteer period. If everything they say about refugee volunteering is positive, you get motivated to go and experience the same.

People who volunteer in different places have different experiences, and their qualifications also differ sometimes. People willing to volunteer in schools and animal conservation centers would have different experiences from those who volunteer in the orphanages. The good thing is that it’s possible to collect some information about the orphanage of your choice from the Involvement Volunteers International organizers.

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