Water sports that make your holiday tour memorable

Tourism contributes about 5% to Portugal’s GDP and is one of the most important industries in Portugal. The very fact that more than 7 million tourists visit Portugal highlights its popularity on the tourist map of Europe. Lisbon, Algarve, Madeira, and Albufeira are some of the several other popular tourist spots in Portugal. Among the various coasts, Albufeira could be called as the most preferred tourist spot. In fact, the opportunities for family fishing Albufeira offers are among the most popular sports available for tourists visiting Portugal.

Entertaining beaches:

The beaches in Portugal are known for their clear water, varieties of aquatic life, flora and fauna, and facilities for several water sports. In addition to these, the entertaining weather makes it an ideal place for a holiday tour with your family. Varieties of exclusive species of fishes are yet another reason why family fishing Albufeira wide has gained popularity among the tourists.

Water sports under trained guides:

The Albufeira beach is considered to be safe not only for family fishing but also for varieties of water sports. Apart from opportunities of family fishing Albufeira offers, you can set out on surfing, sea shell hunting, cave and Dolphin tour and such other exclusive activities. There are exclusive tour operators who conduct such specialized water sports activities. You will be accompanied by sufficiently trained and experienced guides.

Attractions in Vilmoura:

Similar to the family fishing trips in Albufeira you also find fishing trips on other popular beaches like the Vilamoura and Algarve. The Vilamoura beach is also known for its stunning natural beauty. Apart from the beach, this coastal town is also blessed with several places of tourist interest like the Golf park, Cerro da Vila ruins and several historical buildings. If you want to set out on the sea, you can venture family fishing trips in Vilamoura and for this you will have to charter an appropriate type of boat or yacht. Champagne cruises, quad biking, casino and shopping are some of the other attractions available in Vilamoura.

Activities in Algarve:

Algarve is yet another important tourist spot in Portugal. You will be very much impressed by the flawless natural beauty of Algarve. Although family fishing trips in the Algarve are one of the very popular water sports, the beaches in Algarve offer you varieties of other water sports as well. Some of the other exclusive water sports available in the Algarve are sailing, catamaran boat trip, pirate ship cruise and dolphin watching. Apart from this, there are also other unique tour activities like the Segway tour, side car tour, guided walk, Kayaking and varieties of other sports activities.

Book your boat in advance:

These tours are conducted by authorized travel agencies. When you set out on family fishing, you can also avail the services of boat drivers. Considering the number of tourists visiting the various beaches, it is suggested that you should book your boat sufficiently in advance. The rentals of boats are normally computed on an hourly basis. However, if you hire the boat for a longer duration, then you may be eligible for a reasonable amount of discount. You should always hire the boat from recognized tour operators. Normally, water sports facility is always subject to the weather and the conditions on the sea.